• Interior door" Milano Classic"

      Classic collection
      290.93 EUR

      The main frame of the door wing is made of beech wood.

      Finishing cover: Two-part polyurethane water resistant paint.

      You can choose one of 700 colors from the RAL catalogue.

      Manufactured with premeasured individual sizes for each client!

      Glazing is possible in any size and form!


      The price includes:

      - Door wing, 40 mm thick

      - Door frame, 38 mm thick

      - Door frame up to 15 cm (wider frame adds to the price)

      - Lock made of chrome or brass (ordinary, combination or WC)

      - Skirting boards, 65 mm wide, on both sides of the wall, with the possibility of adjustment

      - Hinges - 3 pcs - made of chrome or brass

      - Metal strike for the lock

      - Rubber gasket

      * Handles and Sockets are not included in the price

      The doors in the “Design” category are an outstanding combination between modern and classical finishing touch of your home’s interior with a palette of more than 700 colors.

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