• Manufactured with natural or technical veneer cover, the doors in the “VENEER” category will become an irreplaceable part of the style and design of your home or office.

      Manufactured with premeasured individual sizes for each client!

      The doors with veneer cover are elegant and luxurious solution for every stylish high-end home or office. The doors are made with MDF panels covered in oak veneer with different mordants (colors).

      All veneer doors offer remarkable and irreplaceable design, with vertical or horizontal fladder.

      When ordering veneer doors you make a choice without compromise with quality and vision. They add class to your interior like no other door. VS DOORS can manufacture them taking in account your ideas. With a variety of millings and glazing you have almost unlimited options added to the magnificent natural wood surface.


      The main frame of the door wing is made of beech wood with cellular filling.

      Manufactured with premeasured individual sizes for each client!

      MILLINGS AND ORNAMENTS ON THE MDF CAN BE EITHER A STANDARD PATTERN OR BY YOUR DESIGN - there is no limitation in size, form and complexity of the craft.

      The price includes:

      - Rebated or Flush-mounted door wing, made of two 8 mm MDF panels with veneer cover

      - Two main types of the veneer - OAK Natural, and OAK Fine Line

      - Lock made of chrome or brass - MAUER (ordinary, combination or WC)

      - Skirting boards (Round or straight), on both sides of the wall, with the possibility of adjustment

      - Hinges - 3 pcs - made of chrome or brass

      - Metal strike for the lock

      - Rubber gasket

      - 30 colors, made with water mordant

      - 24 months warranty

      * Handles and Sockets are not included in the price

      Millings, glazing and ornaments chosen from catalogue or at clients design are possible.